Mobility Blueprint’s Map is a new way to find a place to live without disrupting your child’s schooling.

Students do better in school if they stay in the same school for the full year. Changing schools during the school year can be very difficult for students and is connected to lower grades and increased risk of dropping out of high school. If you do need to move during the school year, it is important to know all your options first.

If you are currently in Austin ISD or are considering moving to the Austin area, you can use Mobility Map to find available housing within your school boundaries. Call your school and ask for a Core Team member who can help you with Mobility Blueprint.

If your family must move homes during the school year, call your school and ask for information about your school boundaries. You can try to find a new home or apartment within your current school zone. Your school can also help you transition into a new school within the same school district.

If your student is having trouble at his/her school or you are considering moving to another school district, talk with your current school first to make sure you know all your options. There may be support services, programs, or other schools within the district that can meet your student’s needs.

Sometimes, it is not possible to stay at your school. If you do have to change schools, it is important that your student starts at their new school as soon as possible! Every day your student is out of school, they are missing out on opportunities to learn new things.

Download our easy Parent Toolkit (English/Spanish) to see the simple steps to enrolling in a new school.